How can we help you?

We provide consulting services in a wide variety of areas including but not limited to:

We can help you alter an existing 3D model or help you construct one from scratch. 
Perfect if you would like to personalize an object, turn your logo into 3D, construct spare parts or any other project you may have in mind. See some of our designs under projects. 

Do you have a model you would like to print? We currently run both Fused Deposition Modelling and Digital Light Processing printers and can help you print objects in different material depending on the purpose.  

Do you want to animate your logo or som other object? Wether you only would like to spin the object or make more complicated movements with it, we will help you along the way and provide you with an animated movie at the end. 

Do you need a bioinformatic analysis for your work? Both of us come from a biotechnology background and has a good base understanding for both the biology and the coding aspects. We have experience with python, Java, C#, Rstudio, Chimera, Alphafold, Visual molecular design, Nanome and prism, origin and more. Get in touch with us to see if we can help you out with your project!

A concept for making education more accessible, visual and simpler to understand. We offer the oppertunity to complement your laborations, instrumental introduction and other things with a virtual tool. Toghether with you we can tailor the tool with different leveles of interactions from the user, complementary queastions as it goes along and more based on the application. Read about some of our projects under the project tab. 

Do you want to set up your own webpage? We can help you set it up and help you with uptades and maintanence.