Instument introduction

One of our current projects where we 3D modelled and animated a replica of our clients instruments. The end product is an interactive animation where new users can learn how to interact with the instrument in a safe manner. The user follows the step by step instructions as if they were on site and is guided through a mock experiment. 

The end product is also complemented with a shorter instructioinal video that returning users can watch in case they feel they have forgotten something. 

pH laboration

During the pandemic we collaborated with a university in order to substitute one of their wet labs with a similar virtual experiment. 

This example is an experimental environment where the students are interactivly recreating the “real time” experiment of a pH titration. 

As they titrate the acid the pH decrease and at the end they are asked to answer some questions about the experiment, along with marking out certain points in the auto-generated pH diagram. 

Per discussion with the clients we also incorporated an auto-correction system that allowed the students to know where they went wrong, they could then choose to repeat the experiment from scratch until they got things right, or send it in to the teachers for corrections.