Meet Bits & Pieces

We are Bits & Pieces, two biotech engineers with backgrounds in molecular medicin, plant biology, computer science, bioinformatics, 3D modeling & animations. We love to grow  and expand our toolboxes and we are always up for a new challange. And instead of creating our own challenges, we thought; “Why not help others in the process?”. Therefore, we aim to use our combined backgrounds to help you find an innovative solution for your unique problems whether it is big or small. Read more about how we have already helped others on our project page. 

Dennis Svedberg

Also known as DJ Svedberg.

Johan Olovsson

Biotech engineer with a love for anything related to biotechnology. Driven by a general curiosity for how things work and love for taking on new challanges and gain new experiences. My educational background is within Molecular medicin and bioinformatics, but since then Ive developed an interest for web development, 3D modeling, Animations, 3D printing and general programing. 

Generally interested in science communication and creating tools that make biology simpler to both teach and to understand. 

I hope we will be able to contribute to the understanding and the general interest for biology.